Parts-distributions | Parts Distrbutions : A high end Romania reference for bicycle and bike parts :
Found in 2016 by passionate bikers, Parts distribution wants to develop and consolidate bike parts distribution in a booming markets.
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About us

The romanian market with 21 million inhabitants is the second largest market in central europe. Romania ranks sixth in the EU in terms of bicycle production.

Found in 2016  by passionate bikers, Parts distribution wants to develop and consolidate  bike parts distribution in a booming markets.  Our philosophy is to improve the services to our retail network and develop as much as we can the relationship with our partners.

With the best bike skills, Parts distribution ensures to dealers technical and after sales services.

Many brands

Selected on high quality and innovation.

Become a dealer

Contact us if you want become a dealer.

Best prices for your pieces

Be more competitive by working with us.

Fast Delivery

24/48 delivery.

Ask us for a client account

At Parts Distributions, we believe that we are more than just a seller of bicycle parts. We want our customer recognise us as a high tech center were friendships are made and challenges are met. We believe that we can provide to bike shop, a good choice in bicycle brands with a high customer services.

Parts Distributions S.R.L.

Please fill out the form below to send us your enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Sector 1, Str. Polona nr. 43, Et. 2, Ap. 1, Biroul 5